This scenario starts in a settlement amidst tall buildings. Patients start the treatment in an elevator. This elevator is in one of the tallest buildings in the vicinity. They cannot go out of the building and must enter the elevator to ascend. As the therapist sees fit, patient can exit the elevator in different floors. These exits lead into various balconies that are similar in sense of settings, but differ in the height that they represent. These balconies consist of a medium size floor with a protection glass. Glasses are fully controllable by the therapist. Protector glasses can go up and down as the therapist decides to expose his or her patient as much as needed. The elevator will ultimately lead into a roof top. At this roof top patient can roam freely and experiences a full sense of being at heights. One ledge of this particular roof top has a wooden plank. Therapist can guide the patient onto this plank to stimulate an excessive fear of heights.